Worth a Visit

  • Slow Science: Advocating to do science in the "right" manner. Although that admittedly is something highly subjective, I also do plead for these goals, especially allowing for time to think and time to read. There are many publications out there that could benefit from "slow science"!
  • NEO 2 Keyboard Layout: Even slow science (see above) can benefit from quick writing. Unfortunately, this page requires knowledge of German, and the keyboard layout is somewhat optimized in that direction, too. Nevertheless, I do consider it as better than Dvorak or Colemak for touch-typing English as well, and of course programming/LaTeX writing benefits a lot from the six (!) NEO 2 keyboard layers. Only disadvantage (in my experience): GTK/GTK+ applications in Windows (e.g. Pidgin or GnuCash) don't recognize any but the first two layers due to the toolkit's non-conform implementation on Windows, and Qt applications in Windows (e.g. TeXStudio) require two keystrokes to register higher-level characters. No such problems on Linux, though (speaking of Debian Lenny/Squeeze/Wheezy, at least).