• Back to the US

    Before leaving the US after a five month stay at the University of Colorado at Boulder from January 2012 to May 2012, the idea was to come back during the US Summer holidays to tie up some loose ends. … more

  • Conference Paper Accepted

    Good news! My conference paper, "Cooperative Motion Planning for Multiple Autonomous Marine Vehicles", that I submitted for this year's MCMC conference, was accepted for publication. This is the … more

  • Updated Resume

    My curriculum vitae has been updated with new entries in the scholarships and projects sections (see CV). more

  • Wrap-up Presentation at CU Boulder

    On May 4, 2012, I gave a final presentation as wrap-up of my research time at CU Boulder, where I give a very quick overview over trajectory planning using Prof. John Hauser’s projection … more

  • Internal Reports Available (Restricted)

    Using an access-restricted sub-part of the website, users that fulfill certain qualifications are now able to access internal reports as part of my list of publications. For now, the only type of … more

  • Going Live

    As of right now, the new research website is life. Every link to the old page is expected to be replaced within a week from now. more

  • New Research Site

    As of 2012-04-13, my up-to-date (in terms of content), but old (in terms of look&feel) research page,, is going to be technically replaced by the new site, http:// … more