Reflections and Perspectives

Although the weather is gloomy in downtown Lisbon, the spirits are high and the outlook is great. The major achievements of 2013 were a finalization of the propeller modeling research, and the dissemination at the IFAC conference in Japan. In addition, a paper with terrain-based planning techniques could be placed at the IEEE Oceans in Norway.

Goals for the journal papers have not been reached due to delays in the internal review process, but these issues will be resolved this month -- and, simultaneously, the last formal criterion for graduation will be met (aside from the defense itself, of course). In addition to that, the thesis is almost finished and I expect to be able to hand it over to the jury still in January.

All in all, there is an exciting first quarter of 2014 coming up! And I am more than excitedly looking forward to the challenges that show themselves at the horizon for when this first quarter is over.