• General site update

    Ever since I moved away from Lisbon, Portugal, to Bremen, Germany, I constantly seem to be out of time. This is why a major site overhaul (conten-wise—no time for design at the moment) was in … more

  • New profile picture

    Finally, I got time to update my photograph! It's been almost a month that I went to have myself shot (as if) for Forbes Magazine's list of the new rich, and I'm quite happy with the outcome. more

  • Thesis: First Official Version

    After an intensive couple of weeks (I had to pause the thesis writing process in favor of more urgent work in the fourth quarter of 2013), I decided that the thesis was ready for a first official … more

  • Reflections and Perspectives

    Although the weather is gloomy in downtown Lisbon, the spirits are high and the outlook is great. The major achievements of 2013 were a finalization of the propeller modeling research, and the … more

  • Underlying CMS System Change

    Since trying to upgrade CMS Made Simple from version 1.10.3 to 1.11 required a fruitless full day of trial and error, I am going to replace the subsystem of this site with TYPO3 NEOS as soon as they … more

  • New Year's Resolutions

    In the course of writing my dissertation, an increase of the publication frequency is to be expected. The anticipated publications do not only include results on my primary field of research, but … more

  • Software Grant

    Today I received the great news that Citavi awarded me with a grant for the "Pro" version of their research management software. This is a great relief, since -- although it works very well -- … more

  • New Category "Tricks"

    A new category has been added to the website, containing code and other things I find useful enough to be shared. (And to spare others from the sometimes painful process of finding those things out.) more

  • Updated CV

    My CV now correctly reflects my tasks as assistant to the MORPH project coordinator. more

  • MCMC 2012

    The 9th Conference on Manoeuvring and Control of Marine Craft (MCMC 2012) was being held last week in Arenzano, Italy. I presented my paper “Cooperative Motion Planning for Multiple Autonomous … more