This website was first created using CMS Made Simple. Actually, I am more the do-it-yourself guy, but I don't have time anymore to do something like my private homepage, Informagic.org, where I programmed everything on my own, based on ASP.NET, C#, and MS SQL Server.

But I found two excellent resouces on the web, Comprehensive Overview of Top 14 Content Management Systems and CMS made simple vs. WordPress vs. TYPO3, comparing different Content Management Systems with each other, and considering all available technologies.

I already used DotNetNuke and WordPress for several pages, but the first seemed to be too bloated for the kind of things I want to do with this page, and the second one doesn't offer the options I'd like to see. In the end, I kept switching between the websites of CMS Made Simple and Typo3, and, more or less by chance, resolved to using CMS Made Simple.

Update: since trying to upgrade CMS Made Simple from version 1.10.3 to 1.11 required a fruitless full day of trial and error, I am going to replace the subsystem of this site with TYPO3 NEOS as soon as they publish a first stable release. See also the news article from Feb. 28, 2013.

And another update: I decided to go back to technology I'm familiar with (i.e. ASP.NET and C#), and re-deploy this site backed by Orchard CMS.